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gym mirrors

Be it a spin class or a body building space, the one thing we all want in our experience is a nice set of mirrors for a visual feedback of our activities. Boss offers a range of mirror products and services to create that perfect space. If you need gym mirrors or dance studio mirrors look no further!

From dance studio mirrors for professional performers, to gym and workout mirrors and fitness practice rooms.

From measure to install, Our dedicated team will oversee the customization of the perfect mirror solution and will have it installed professionally. By specializing in custom gym and fitness mirror systems, our experienced teams can provide a complete service from idea conception through to installation. We are always working closely with you so we can achieve the very best in fitness and gym mirrors.

Our Mirrors are typically 6mm thick with choice of tinted finishes or plain finish. Excellent resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion (no unsightly black edges and spot faults). Accent your mirrors with a chrome aluminum or brush finished stainless steel trim around the edges to add elegance which adds to a “finished” look of your mirrors.

Contact us for mirror installation or replacement in Sharjah, Dubai or any other Emirate of U.A.E.

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