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Balustrading has become an effective solution to keep us safe from harm while providing an aesthetic appeal to any space.

Bosshas a range of systems and can customise any design depending on your project needs and desired outcome. Talk to us about your next project’s balustrade requirements and budget to allow us to provide you with some suitable options.

Glass balustrades offer unobstructed visibility with clear glass, or they can offer a bit more privacy, with tinted glass. Clients can also opt for custom patterns on the glass finish. All glass balustrades are toughened to allow for maximum safety and durability.

We offer fully-framed balustrades, semi-frameless models and frameless balustrades, so there’s one to meet your precise needs and style preferences. Our experienced engineers can craft a custom design that will match your structure’s unique architecture. Then, our installers will install your new balustrades in a prompt, efficient manner, all while ensuring minimal disruption to your home or business in the process.

Contact us for balustrade installation or replacement in Sharjah, Dubai or any other Emirate of U.A.E.

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