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Cultural beauty is maintained through simple or complicated designed fretwork called mashrabiyas. These structures provide good ventilation and works as a good natural air conditioner in case of power failures. Due to their design patterns, they are resistant to high temperatures, therefore, they can be used anywhere.

These structures are ideal for interior designing a good office or home. Architects can provide a cooling and unique touch to any space using these features. Shading reflected from the Mashrabiya window patterns and jaili look extremely beautiful and unique.

Business or recreation places choose Mashrabiya screens or double fa├žades to impart a sense of vibrancy and opulence to their visitors.

They also provide a source of natural light and privacy

Social gatherings and events are enjoyed with help of Mashrabiya structures as well. At Boss Aluminium we prepare intricate design mashrabiyas by laser cutting designs on aluminium or steel sheets and then welding or bolting them to frame structures which will be put together to form a larger screen

Once again, the choice of colors are endless with RAL series, Anodized or Wood effects to choose from.

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